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Steve Edwards grew up on a farm in the Wheat belt and developed an affinity with the land and moved his ethos to the conservation industry where he developed an empathy for the plight of the native Australian animals like Quenda, Tammar Wallabies, Possums, Woylies and Bilbies.

In Australia, over the last 200 years the numbers of native Australian fauna species have been in decline. We have over 1500 animals listed as threatened with extinction  Introduced animal species like foxes, cats and rabbits have played a critical part in these extinctions.

Steve started his business WildThings Animal Control Solutions based on the need for conservation of threatened wildlife, along the way he has come up with innovative techniques to overcome age old problems.

He works with clients across Western Australia from the South West to the Pilbara.

WildThings and Fauna Track have joined forces, providing professional services for both fauna survey and monitoring programs, and Vertebrate Pest Management. Offering both stand-alone services or as a combined venture to provide effective wildlife conservation through the control and monitoring of feral species and the monitoring, management and protection of native wildlife and their habitats.

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