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WildThings Animal Control Solutions is a Perth based vertebrate pest management business servicing all metropolitan and rural areas of Western Australia.  If you are looking for pest animal solutions backed by excellent customer service and support, look no further. WildThings has over 20 years combined experience in applying innovative management solutions to feral animal control.

Our proud culture of continuous improvement, innovation, integrity and safety has enabled WildThings to build a solid rapport with our all our clients.  Our staff are enthusiastic, motivated and have an affinity with the Australian land and its vast array of native fauna.

WildThings has extensive experience and ongoing involvement with the conservation of threatened native mammals such as the Quenda, Possum, Woylie and Bilby.  Our team is driven by a strong passion to reduce and control the introduced predator population in our state to ensure the preservation of our native species for generations to come.

Targeted introduced pest species include:

–          European red fox

–          European wild rabbit

–          Feral camel

–          Feral cat

–          Feral deer

–          Feral dog

–          Feral donkey

–          Feral goat

–          Feral horse

–          Feral pig

We have spent years researching, studying, tracking and observing the behaviours of many of the species mentioned above, rewarding us with an intimate knowledge into the habits and natures of these predators.  This has enabled us to develop and implement strategies applicable to each individual situation.  This vision, together with WildThings’ culture of continuous improvement is an inherent part of the way we do things.

WildThings staff utilise the most proven effective and humane pest control methods available.  We incorporate a wide range of conventional techniques including baiting, trapping, den and warren fumigation, den and warren destruction, as well as environment modification and biological control. Our team are all independently trained, fully licensed and insured and comply with the Australian model codes of practice and standard operating procedures for the humane capture, handling or destruction of feral animals.

Services include:

–          Vertebrate pest animal management and control solutions

–          Pest species eradication

–          Pest animal management plans

To provide an even wider range of services, WildThings has joined forces with Fauna Track, a wildlife survey and monitoring business that is highly regarded for its professionalism and expertise.  As a joint venture in the preservation of native wildlife and their habitats, we are still able to offer a stand-alone service but also provide the convenience of a combination of management options.   Through Fauna Track, we are able to offer the design and implementation of survey and monitoring programs, including presence/absence and abundance monitoring of both feral and non-target species.

If you are after a complete pest animal management plan, then you have come to the right place.  All situations and environments are unique and present individual challenges.  We will discuss with you a range of options, incorporating any specific requirements, and tailor each program to suit your needs.

Contact us now to discuss your animal control needs.